CardioLife Imagine Cup solution

The current No1 Killer disease in the world still remains cardiovascular diseases, the disease ranging from Hypertension, stroke, heart failure (cardiac arrest) still kills lots of people daily.

Our Solution is targeted to combat these diseases in an innovative way. This is divided into two, the mobile solution and a desktop solution with KINECT.

The Mobile Solution


The mobile application consists of the doctor’s application, as well as the client application. The Doctors app allows only certified cardiologist to use the app on their mobile, while the client app is for the patient and available for download in the market place. The client app is wirelessly connected with a real time mobile heart monitoring device. The client app gets real time data from a Bluetooth enabled chest strap, analyze the data, and detect if there is any abnormality in the heart rate. In the case of any abnormal heart readings, the app automatically brings visible and audible pop ups requesting the user to tap a button in 15 sec. If the button is not tapped, the request is repeated again. If the user refuses to respond to this actions, visual and audible alerts and the current geographical location of the patient is sent to the doctor’s app, as well as to the registered next of kin and other emergency services. The visible and the audible alerts include SMS, Push Notifications and automatic phone call.

The application sends the users heart monitor for the day to the doctor, and allow the doctor to query it at any convenient time, the user also get a real time update of the doctor’s report as soon as it is posted.


The cardiologist app give the cardiologist the users’ data, both the heart monitor, as well as the gait analysis, facial tracking and the exercise therapy report for the stroke patient. The cardiologist can send a real time comment and the user receives the comment immediately and can respond to them.

The Desktop Application

Apart from the fact that the desktop solution is equipped with all the heart monitor facilities of the mobile app, it also comes with a KINECT solution therapy for the people living with stroke.

The solution detects arrhythmia, stroke, and hypertension. The diagnosis side allows patient or authorize family member to monitor patient’s cardiovascular level as well as the risk level by checking themselves every day, while the report is sent to the cardiologist for professional comments and recommendations.


Screen shot from the desktop solution

Screen shot from the desktop solution

The desktop app also allows stroke rehabilitation therapy and recovery system, diet tips, and fitness tips, helping the patients in totality.

There are exercise games for children (from research it’s seen that CVD is inherent and visible from age seven), and adults, while the heart rate is monitored during the exercise, the result is analyzed and sent to the cardiologist.


The amount of people dying of cardiovascular diseases can now be drastically reduced while the money spent on this pandemic can be focused on more lifesaving technologies.

Thank you.

Team Life Saver